60 Falls Rd.   PO Box 516, Badin, NC   28009
Telephone: 704-422-6900  Open Every Sunday - 2PM til 5PM - Admission Free
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Badin Historic Museum is located at 60 Falls Road, Badin, in Badin’s Town Park across from the post office.

Our mailing address is Badin Historic Museum, P. O. Box 516, Badin NC 28009

Our email address is info@badinmuseum.com

Badin Historic Museum Committee meets at 7 PM on the 4th Thursday of every month at Badin Town Hall.


Badin Museum Committee Members

David Summerlin P. O. Box 381, Badin NC 28009 704-422-3713
Bridget Huckabee P. O. Box 1553, Badin NC 28009 704-422-3873
Betty Beach P. O. Box 793, Badin NC 28009 704-422-5365
Kathy Hinkle P. O. Box 446, Badin NC 28009 704-422-3079
Elvin Fisher P. O. Box 336, Badin NC 28009 704-422-3958
Anne Garrison P. O. Box 611 Badin NC 28009 704-422-3051
Onieda Wyatt P. O. Box 307 Badin NC 28009 704-422-3381
Jim Harrison P. O. Box 805 Badin NC 28009 704-422-3017
Adam Storm P. O. Box 1104 Badin NC 28009 704-422-6564
Donna Marsha P. O. Box 743 Badin NC 28009 704-422-3925
Gloria Saunders 28842 Misenheimer Road, Richfield, NC 28137 704-463-7105


Badin Historic Museum Officers and

Co-chariman, David Summerlin
Co-chairman, Bridget Huckabee
Treasurer, Oneida Wyatt
Secretary, Kathy Hinkle

The Acquisition Committee, chairman David Summerlin, oversees all donor forms; assigns storage space; records all acquisitions; responds to donors with a thank note naming the acquisition and its approximate value for their tax records.

The Friends of Museum Committee, chairwoman Gloria Saunders, updates the mailing lists, both individual and business, sends out renewal letters, and responds to renewals with thank you notes and updated membership cards.

The Fundraising Committee, chairman Tom Garrison, creates lists of possible new members for the Friends of the Museum Committee; organizes fundraising events; actively solicits funds for the museum

The Volunteer Coordinator, chairwoman Betty Beach, schedules volunteers to man the museum on Sundays and during the festival; sends the schedule to all volunteers and posts the schedule on a bulletin board in the office.

The Publicity Committee, chairwoman Bridget Huckabee, makes regular press releases to the Stanly News and Press, the Weekly Post and the local radio station; distributes brochures around the county.

The Exhibit Committee, co-chairpersons David Summerlin and Bridget Huckabee, coordinates, designs and sets up displays, writes description labels; creates new displays for the center cases every three months and works with the Publicity Committee to publicize them.

The Special Events Committee, chairwoman Donna Marsha, organizes special events, for example receptions for local churches, Lou Donaldson, Heather Ross Miller, the fire department to promote the proposed fire house museum, et al; organizes special tours for school children, senior citizens, garden clubs, etc.

Calling Committee, chairwoman Anne Garrison, calls committee members prior to meetings and with any special information.

The Maintenance Committee, chairman Jim Harrison, oversees general maintenance of the museum and grounds.

Gift Shop Supervisor, Jane Harrison, buys and exhibits items for the gift shop and keeps financial and inventory records.




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