60 Falls Rd.   PO Box 516, Badin, NC   28009
Telephone: 704-422-6900  Open Every Sunday - 2PM til 5PM - Admission Free
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Friends of Badin Museum

Our History
In 1999, Badin Historic Museum Steering Committee formed an organization wherein, for the membership fee of their choice, residents of Badin and others interested in the historic preservation of the area, have the opportunity to invest in our unique museum.

Badin Historic Museum Steering Committee
Left to right: Tom Garrison, Mayor of Badin, Elvin Fisher, Oneida Wyatt, Iris Fisher, Bridget Huckabee, David Summerlin, Ann Garrison

Friends of Badin Museum is a growing organization and has become an important fund-raising arm of the Museum itself. Membership fees, gifts, memorials and honorariums enable us to continue our efforts to collect and preserve Badin’s historic artifacts.

How you can help
Join the Friends of the Museum today and become one of a growing number who are helping to preserve the history of our unique town.

Be a volunteer! No experience necessary! On the job training! We are always looking for people to man the museum on Sunday afternoons between 2 PM and 5 PM and to help in our gift shop during the Best of Badin Festival. You’ll have fun, meet interesting people and be doing something to help a good cause. Call volunteer coordinator Betty Beach at 704-422-5365 and volunteer today. We need you.

Membership Categories


Make checks payable to Friends of Badin Museum, P. O. Box 516, Badin NC 28009

Friends of Badin Museum Charter Members

Ms Betty Beach
Mr. And Mrs. Michael Bolen
Ms Terri Cooper
Mr. And Mrs. Harold Cotton
Mr. And Mrs. William Crook
Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Gantt
Mr. And Mrs. John Garrison
Mr. And Mrs. Tom Garrison
Mrs. Tonya Beach Gelbach
Mr. And Mrs. Chalmers Glenn
Mr. And Mrs. Bob Green
Mr. And Mrs. David Grigg
Mr. And Mrs. Jerry Hall
Mr. And Mrs. James Harrison
Ms. Jane Harrison
Mrs. Anne Kelley Harwood
Mr. And Mrs. Al Hill
Mr. And Mrs. Mahlon H Hill
Mr. And Mrs. Bob Hinkle
Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Hinson
Ms Bridget Huckabee
Dr. and Mrs. Walter T Kees
Dr. Juanita Kruse
Mrs. Anne L Bass
Mr. Bob G Lisk
Mr. And Mrs. Joe Manley
Mrs. Ivonia Mills
Mr. And Mrs. Fred Morgan
Mr. Jeff Olsen
Mrs. Doris Olsen
Mrs. Dorothy Palmer
Ms Christine Pettyjohn
Mr. And Mrs. George Preisinger
Ms Aline Ross
Mr. And Mrs. David Summerlin
Ms Lola K Thompson
Mr. And Mrs. Barrett Tucker
Mr. And Mrs. Al Welling
Mrs. Oneida Wyatt




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